Boiler Maintenance, Servicing and Repair and Replacement

If your home or business has a gas or oil boiler, if it might need a service, need repairing or replacing, the team at Denis Moloney Services are fully qualified and at the ready to answer your call and address all your heating system needs.

Boiler Installation and Replacement

We will make a full and qualified assessment as to your heating requirements. We will factor the size of your premises or house, the number of rooms and heaters, your heating usage in the past and also your budget. We will provide that impartial advice that will allow you to make the most informed decision for you, your home or business.

Full Heating Systems and Controls

We have vast experience with a number of Heating Control Systems, from Climote to Honeywell Evo System, we have seen and installed most brands on the market. Whether you are considering a control system for your new home or retrofitting it, you have nothing to worry about, our team can handle any such circumstance. Be assured, we are fully approved to install most heating control system including the most popular systems such as Climote and Honeywell Evo Systems.

Underfloor Heating

We have been successfully involved in several New Builds which have stipulated underfloor heating. We have also been involved with underfloor systems which have had a few problems and we have been called out to fix and remedy from a long term perspective.

Power Flushing

If your heating system is not emitting sufficient heat, then the solution may be a ‘power flush’, which is cleaning all your pipes and heaters. A kind of detox for your heating system, we would remove your system off all sludge, rust and any unwanted materials. You may need a Power Flush if you notice cold spots in your radiators, your boiler is making an unusual noise and taking a while to kick in or when you bleed your radiators the water is discoloured…..well a Power Flush may be required.

Decorative Fuel Effect Fires & Oil Tanks

As a part of our services, we try our very best to provide our customers with their specific requirements and we have strong relationships with suppliers of Fuel Effect Fires (which we also maintain and service) and Oil Tanks which may need replacement. So, if you have any queries, see our contact details below and we will do our very best for you.

For any Boiler Maintenance and Gas & Oil Heating requirements, don’t hesitate to call the team on 01-9012664 or call Denis directly on 087-635 7775 or you can fill out our online form here and we will be in touch directly in order to make arrangements to assess your needs.