Heat Pumps

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps work by using electrical energy to extract heat from outdoor air and through a process of evaporation and compression this heat is transferred into a hot water source.

Heat pumps work by moving refrigerant liquids between two coils within a compressor pump. The warm compressed air is cooled internally, and this heat is then transferred to you water supply system, warming your home.

Heat pumps can be installed both domestically and commercially saving on both bills and the impact to the environment. Heat pumps can be used year-round providing heat during the winter and cooling your homes and businesses in the summer.

The efficiency of heat pumps can be noted by looking at their Coefficient of Performance (CoP). This is the rate of heat produced, by the power consumed. You will find that it is one of the most efficient heating methods and this is one of the key reasons for its growing popularity in Ireland.

The Benefits of Air to Water heat pumps

  • Air to water heat pumps can save you tremendously on your heating bills as they are more efficient than many traditional methods of heating.
  • The impact on the environment is greatly reduced as you limit the use of fossil fuels reducing your homes CO2 emissions.
  • There is no Carbon monoxide risk.
  • New homes do not have to worry about pipe and ventilation systems for alternative fuel.
  • There are grants available to install air to water pumps.

What we Offer

Denis Moloney Services provide heat pump installation and maintenance along with general plumbing services including, fit-out, repair and installation of all manner of plumbing and heating equipment. We are a small customer-focused team dedicated to supplying your home with cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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