Heat Recovery Systems

What is Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery systems are designed and installed in homes and premises throughout the country to inhibit the loss of heat through traditional ventilation and fan systems. They help to reduce heating bills, improve air quality and help to counteract poor ventilation planning in older buildings.

They are now installed almost as standard in new builds throughout Ireland due to their positive impact upon air quality and heat retention.

Government legislation has made it imperative for airtight buildings to have a mechanical ventilation system and this is where heat recovery ventilation systems come in.

How Heat Recovery Ventilation works

The systems work by extracting cold moist air from wet rooms and replacing it with fresh filtered air. The systems do not require traditional open vents or fans creating a quitter and yet airtight home build solution. Heat recovery systems retain up to 95% of heat lost through traditional ventilation methods reducing your heating bills and ensuring your home is insulated and protected year-round.

New and Existing builds

Denis Moloney services have installed state of the art heat recovery systems in both old and new builds. For existing buildings and homes a good degree of planning and installation is required especially for multi-floor buildings though it is still possible and will save you money in the long term.

For new buildings, it is essential that you have a proper heat retention system in place and heat recovery systems are the most efficient and cost-effective methods to install.

Ducting solutions:

There are two commonly used forms of ducting when it comes to ventilation systems, these are radial or flexible ducting and rigid ducting.

Rigid ducting is mostly found in open-plan offices and warehouses. Radial ducting is best suited for homes as it is less intrusive, has zero noise pollution and can be fitted into most new and existing homes and buildings.

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