Boiler Replacement Dublin – Why and What to Look For?

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Boiler Replacement Dublin – As a homeowner, while your boiler is an integral part of your home’s energy production, it is also a primary part of your utility bills. In fact, the appliance makes up approximately 60% of your home energy bills. It seems appropriate then, to try to reduce the cost of the source by making sure your boiler is as efficient as it can be.

Boiler Replacement Dublin – Let’s Explain

Boilers are classified according to A-G according to their efficiency – A is the most efficient and G-the least. The older your boiler, the less efficient it is and the less efficient your boiler, the more energy is wasted. In fact, the older type, non-condensing boilers are up to 30% less energy efficient than a modern condensing boiler. They produce more carbon dioxide emissions and do not regulate the heat output completely and efficiently. By comparison, modern condensing boilers produce and control their heat more efficiently and have better heating control.  Consequently, they produce less carbon dioxide emissions.

Boiler Replacement Dublin – The Advantages

  • Save Money:

 Saving energy is equal to saving money. By replacing your boiler for one that is more efficient, you can save up to 300 euro per year!

  • Save Energy:

 Energy saving means less energy, which in turn leads to lower emissions of carbon dioxide. By upgrading your boiler, you are contributing to the efforts of the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Every little bit helps…..

Boiler Replacement Dublin – Installing a New Boiler – The Process

If you decide to change your boiler, there are some things that you need to consider.

  1. Fuel Type – Boiler Replacement Dublin

 Your cheapest boiler option differs according on your fuel source. If you are on the gas network in Ireland and can receive gas into your home or business, a gas boiler is the cheapest option.  If you are currently using oil, LPG or coal, it is likely that you can save on your bills by investigating whether your premises can be linked up to the Gas network.  Another possibility is to consider a renewable energy protection that burns wood or biomass. Although the installation costs can be high, you can save money in the long term.

  1. Boiler Type – Boiler Replacement Dublin

 You have the option of a normal boiler with a separate cylinder to store hot water or a combination (combi) boiler that has no cylinder. While a normal boiler produces hot water in a more efficient manner, combi-boilers are more efficient when the heat is maintained. A large family using a lot of hot water will probably benefit more from a normal boiler, while a smaller family can make more savings with a combi. Another advantage of a combi boiler is that it needs less space because it is not equipped with a cylinder. What type of boiler you choose, make sure that its energy efficiency rating is a key factor in your decision.

  1. Get it Installed Safely – Boiler Replacement Dublin

 Ensure that your chosen installer (Denis Moloney Services!) has the required registration and is a RGI Registered Gas Installer and LPG boilers and OFTEC for oil boilers. With a certified installer, you can ensure that your boiler will comply with building regulations and that you receive the appropriate documentation.

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Boiler Replacement Dublin
Boiler Replacement Dublin

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