New Install – Triton T90SR Pumped Electric Shower From €750

Triton T90SR Silent Pumped Electric Shower Supplied & Fitted
For a new install of a Triton T90SR Shower to current standards and regulations. We send out an Electrician & a Plumber so you know the wiring & plumbing are up to standard.

The Triton T90SR silent pumped electric shower is awash with silence, the T90SR is Ireland’s first silent running pumped electric shower, perfectly suited for use with low-pressure water systems.

T90SR is Ireland’s first silent running pumped electric shower, using an integrated pump to boost the water pressure of low-pressure gravity fed supplies. Easily replaces all previous T90 models.

Triton T900PI Pumped Electric Shower Features:

  • So quiet that when the water is running you won’t hear the pump.
  • 9.0kW power rating for higher flow rates.
  • Ideal solution for stud walls which are more susceptible to vibration & noise transmission.
  • Integrated pump boosts the water pressure of low pressure gravity fed supplies.
  • Easy prime pump allows water flow without the need to operate the pump.
  • Easily replaces older T90 models – Uses the same dimensions (footprint) and fixing points.


Supplier & Fitted – Electrician & Plumber Supplied

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