Expected Heat Pump Costs

Heat Pumps Cost
When most homeowners think of heat pumps and the installation process all they think about is the heat pump costs and if it is worth it. The answer is YES, it certainly is, for the comfort and savings you make on your monthly bills, installing a heat pump into your home is most definitely worth it.

At Denis Moloney Services we have been installing, maintaining and working in the heat pump industry for years and we have a slew of happy customers. Heat pump costs initially can seem expensive, but when compared to the lifetime savings that you make, it is a worthy investment. We are going to look at some of the associated costs with installing heat pumps into your home, so you have a better idea of what to expect.

But firstly, what is a heat pump and why are they quickly becoming the new “in” thing.

What are heat pumps?

Heat pumps are devices that move and transform both warm and cold air throughout your home. The heating system works by drawing cold air from outside, or from within your home, transforming it to warm air through an inbuilt cycle system and transferring it to rooms in your home.

By using existing air and low energy, this system is good for the environment, your home and your heating bills. Heat Pumps and How they work The size of your home and business determines the size of the system that you use, but they are always smaller than traditional gas and oil boiler heating systems. Many units are places outside on balconies or other appropriate areas.

Having been in use in Europe for years they are slowly becoming more popular in Ireland as people move away from the use of fossil fuels and onto more environmentally friendly and effective heating and cooling systems.

What are heat pump costs?

There are two ways of installing a heat pump into your home, a new build fitting or a retrofit into an existing home.

New Builds:

  New builds are far easier and are the cheaper option of course for the installation of a heat pump. A rough estimate for the installation of a heat pump into a new home is in the region of €3000. A new build ensures all mechanics, heating and water processes are working correctly. The size of your home and the complexity of the layout all contribute to the overall costs.

But if working with a team such as Denis Moloney Services from the outset, you will be able to keep costs low and have a perfectly placed heat pump in your home.


Retrofitting an old home comes with several addiontal costs. These additional heat pump costs are to ensure your home is at a standard for a quality heat pump to work efficiently.

Many old homes suffer from cold spots, draughts and poor insulation. To get the right use of your heat pump and ensure the heat pump costs are worth the effort, it’s important to have an airtight home.

This way heat does not escape and you do not need to use as much power to heat your home and you can take full advantage of your heat pump.

Airtightness and insulation costs will vary from home to home. It may be necessary to replace doors and windows, especially on much older homes, or it may be a case of just working on one area of your home. Each case is different and for that reason it is difficult for Denis Moloney Services to put a price on the costs. We will have to visit your home to give an estimate on costs etc.

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