The Commercial Services we provide at Denis Moloney Services

We have a significant commercial portfolio as you can see from our Project page.  We have fitted out Heating System for commercial units and business throughout Dublin and surrounding counties for the past ten years.

Commercial premises have different heating requirements as opposed to domestic users, the floor space is usually larger, a commercial building may be composed of offices and a production line, or a kitchen which is in operation for long periods of time, or maybe a School.  And so, the heating solution need to match the requirement for that commercial building.

Why Denis Moloney Services?

Not only do we have vast experience, we have qualifications to match and the team have completed countless manufacturer product courses.  We have covered commercial installations such as:

  • Heating and hot water pumps
  • Pressurisation units and expansion vessels
  • System controls and BMS
  • Warm air heating
  • Air handling units
  • Commercial pipework and plumbing
  • Gas testing and purging

If you are an owner or responsible for the maintenance of a commercial heating system and you notice issues such as:

  • Poor Performance
  • Your Heating System is taking longer to heat up
  • Unusual noise coming from your Heating System
  • A Yellow flame is coming from your boiler when in fact it should be blue
  • A leaking emanating from your system
  • Unevening heating, as is, one room is warmer than another when they should be the same
  • More frequent repairs and servicing
  • Spare parts are no longer easy to source…

Well, it might be time to consider a conversation with a commercial heating engineer and investigate your commercial heating option.

Contact Denis Moloney Services today…

For all commercial heating enquiries, call the experts at Denis Moloney Services and we will provide you with sound advice that will suit your particular budget and your requirements.  Contact us today at: Email: or contact Denis direct at: 087-6357775

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