The Services we provide at Denis Moloney Services for Homeowners

Predominately, we provide two comprehensive services for Homeowners with regards to Heating System, a full upgrade of an outdated heating system or and a clean installation for New Builds and extensions.

Upgrading an Outdated Heating System

Your heating system has started to breakdown more often than acceptable and you decide an upgrade has become a necessity.  We will go to your home, assess your current system and based on our findings we will recommend an efficient solution such as the implementation of a Heat Pump, a Heat Recovery System or Underfloor Heating for your home extension.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Heat Pump or Heat Recovery System are many, such as:

  • Greater efficient resulting in bottom line Cost Savings
  • Reduced Emissions and a Higher BER Rating
  • Future Proofing your Home for the next ten years at a minimum

New Builds and Extensions

We work with Homeowners who are planning on building their new home over working on an extension.  Our Heat Pump installations for New Builds can save up considerably versus traditional condensing boilers such as Gas and Oil, up to 50%.  Your Heat Pump will run off electricity, so, no Gas feed is required or Oil Tanks in the back of your home.  The advantages are many, such as:

  • Excellent Efficiency
  • Meets modern Building Regulations
  • A top rating BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate
  • No Oil or Gas
  • And it compliments investments in Underground Heating systems.

There are a number of Heat Pump Types and we will advise as to the best for any New Build or Extension.

As mentioned, we also provide Underfloor Heating Installations and Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems for New Builds.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation System moved polluted air from a home and filters clean air through your home, essentially it ventilates your home.  The advantages for any new home are many, including:

  • No more ventilation holes in every room in your home
  • No more loss of excessive heat and a guarantee that your home is in fact being ventilated.

Contact Denis Moloney Services today…

Whether you are considering a New Build or an Extension, call the experts at Denis Moloney Services and we will provide you with sound advice that will suit your particular budget and your requirements.  Contact us today at: Email: info@denismoloneyservices.ie or contact Denis direct at: 087-6357775

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