Denis Moloney Services - Renewable Energy Installers

Renewable energy has developed significantly since the 1980’s, to the extent nowadays that it can be very complicated choosing the right renewable energy solution for your house, school or premises. The choice now is both vast and from a technical perspective a little daunting.

At Denis Moloney Services we simplify things and articulate a renewal solution that is both feasible and economically beneficial for you in the long term. We will simplify our recommendations that will allow you to feel comfortable in your decision.

From new builds to retro fitting your premises for greater energy efficiency, whatever the scenario, we can work with you to spec out your needs, source a long term renewable solution and install your energy saving investment.

We are a Renewable Energy Installer that has experience in the areas of both Solar Panels and Heat Pumps. Specifically, renewable energy solutions such as:

  • Small-scale biomass boilers and stoves
  • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
  • Solar thermal systems (Solar Water Heating)
  • Shallow geothermal systems and Heat Pumps.

We are also registered with the SEAI as Renewal Energy Installers. So, if you are seeking an experienced and qualified Renewable Energy Installers throughout Dublin and surrounding counties, look no further that Denis Moloney Services. Feel free to fill out our Appointment form here, email the team at: and call direct at 01-9012664 – we will be more than happy to discuss your Renewal Energy requirements, pay a site visit and discuss your option in simple detail.