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We provide four core services to our clients, construction companies, homeowners and commercial premises, including: Heat Pump Installations, Heat Recovery System Installations, Underfloor Heating Installations and full Plumbing and Heating installations for new builds and renovations.

Heat Pumps Installations

Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to existing fossil fuel heating systems. Heat pumps run on electricity. This means that they are not actually a renewable energy source but because they operate in excess of 300% efficiency they do fall into the renewable energy category with the SEAI. In simple terms, this means for every 1kW of electrical energy consumed, the unit will produce 3kW of thermal energy to heat your home and your hot water.

A popular system throughout Europe, Heat Pumps are growing in popularity throughout Ireland due to their convenience, environmental impact and the air quality they provide users, not to mention the long term savings!

We are proud to be one of Ireland leading Heat Pump installers and maintenance teams.

If you are looking for a quality system that saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment, call our team today and we can discuss the right approach to take.

See this link for more information on Heat Pumps and Air to Water Solutions.

Heat Recovery Systems

At Denis Moloney Services we fit and install the latest in modern ventilation systems throughout homes and businesses both old and new. Our team of professional fitters use both rigid and flexible ducting to provide your premises with fresh filtered air while also retaining up to 95% of heat lost through traditional methods.

Heat recovery systems reduce your energy bills, improve air quality and both meet and exceed all regulatory standards.

If you are looking for a modern system for your home or business contact our team today and we can discuss the best path forward.

See this link for more information on Heat Recovery Systems.

Underfloor Heating Installations

Underfloor Heating is one of the best methods to maximise space, create a modern look and feel to any room and provide quality and comfort that cannot be found through radiators and other heating systems.

We design and install underfloor heating for both existing buildings and new. Underfloor heating ensures your entire room surface is heated evenly, it provides comfort and is easily regulated.

The small gains made from removing radiators and other heating systems are great improvements for shop and factory floors and they create a beautiful aesthetic for modern homes.

Having worked on underfloor heating systems for many years, our team at Denis Moloney Services ensure quality and comfort like no other.

See this link for more information on Underfloor Heating Installation Solutions.

Plumbing Services for New Builds and Renovations

We provide full plumbing installations and fitouts for construction companies and homeowners. We also undertake full plumbing and heating works for a wide variety of projects.

See this link for more information around the Plumbing services we provide.

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